Post Publication Testimonials:

Sitting down last night to read his book, I felt like I was visiting with an old friend, one I haven’t seen for some time. I felt his warmth & insight on life pouring from the pages. Brigitte Bedell, Manager

The book is well written and presented and has grabbed me immediately…. I loved your introduction, and . . . I can t seem to put the book down. Katie Carter, Healer

I too have read Chamba's book -- twice in fact!! It is a glorious treasure filled with tales of Chamba's most fascinating life!! I loved every minute of reading and got to know him on a whole new level. Thank you, Chamba-La, for a most beautiful gift!! Mary Agar, Teacher

I am loving the book. It's highly entertaining and informational all in one. *** He did lead quite the adventuresome life! You did well to capture his spirit and create a beautiful work. Genevieve Vierling, Astrologer

I love the book and can hardly put it down and am recommending it to everyone. I did not know Chamba well, but now I feel like I do, He was funny and insightful. Very entertaining! Jane Bowden, Nurse

I find myself falling into the timeless and spellbound while reading of Chamba's great adventures- a life well-lived!! Julie Maria, Yoga Teacher

This book is a great read, entertaining, genuine; story of a hero of the 60's. I knew & like Chamba, met him while living in Hawaii. Cassandra Wahlstrom, artist

I found Chamba's autobiography totally engaging, and mesmerizing. I savored it out, parsed out my reading of it, so it didn't go too fast. His descriptive way of speaking/writing really draws you into each scene, as if you are a butterfly hovering over his shoulder watching with him as it happens. His story is a portrait of an age. And he lived that age to the hilt. It was sheer joy to read it..... Claudia Kunin, Los Angeles artist


Pre-Publication Reviews:

Many knew Chamba as that rabble rousing radio guy. I knew him as a loving confidant and good friend. Reading through these pages, I discovered so much about the man behind the rabble. A consummate traveler and a dedicated student of life. Spanning multiple decades, this book is filled with stories that capture a soul endlessly searching for a deeper understanding of life. From the hash haze of Afghanistan to a Kuwait marketplace, a Nepalese Lama, a Chinese bonesetter, lessons in how to speak without words, to speak like a Barbarian, and sage advice on how to survive. His is a diverse journey you’ll find hard to put down and a wonderful read that you can open to any chapter and simply enjoy. Mikail Graham, Musician plus Computer and Sound Dude

In the last conversation I had with Chamba before his death I asked if he had anything left to complete. He said nothing was unfinished except the publishing of his life's writings. He felt secure that was now arranged and was ready to continue his journey to the next realm. Little did I know that months later I would find myself at Chamba's Costa Rican retreat, affectionately named "Casa de Chamba,” reading an advance proof of his book, Along the Way. Every night I would allow Chamba's words to entertain, enlighten and teach. I journeyed with him from the corner of Haight and Ashbury to the mountains of Nepal. Each step in between brought insight into how to make my own journey more conscious and rewarding. So now I invite you to put on your "thinking cap" and your "dancing shoes," and join Chamba along the way. Dick Cooper, Retired Teacher and 3 point shot

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