Reflections and Memories of My Friend Chamba Lane
by Daniel Giamario, Founder of Shamanic Astrology

I met Chamba in the late 1980’s when I visited Nevada City to do astrology readings. He became one my best friends, a relationship which continued to the end.

Many of my favorite times with Chamba were watching sports together. I would make special trips to Nevada City just to see an NBA game, an NCAA March Madness game, or especially a 49’ers game. Very few people had such an idiosyncratic appreciation of sports: blending the political, social, and psychological, but with the passion of a true fan.
I appreciated Chamba’s depth of knowledge and quirky progressive take on politics. We spent many passionate and happy hours riffing on a wide variety of “conspiracy theories” that he had thoroughly researched. Several times I was a guest on Rabble Rousing, the KVMR radio show, where I would share my equally quirky blend of astrology and politics. There will never be another show like Rabble Rousing! Simply irreplaceable.

Chamba attended several of my astrology courses and had yearly readings with me. What I most remember about these sessions was Chamba’s insatiable curiosity about a wide variety of women! My Chamba file is thick. Every year there were always one or more women for me to analyze from the perspective of his astrology chart. In a very full life, the one thing that Chamba never fully realized was his quest for a personal, committed, one on one partner. He always longed for that. Nevertheless, Chamba had a deep appreciation and recognition of the sacred feminine. He truly loved women, and he was not without success and happiness in having an active sex life.

A special aspect of Chamba’s life was taking groups to Peru to experience sacred sites he had located over the years. They were magical trips. Twice I accompanied Chamba to Peru. On the first trip, Chamba was loving and caring for me and my former late wife, Debbie Joy, when we were suffering health-wise. On the second trip he displayed the strangest and most unique combination of childlike naivete and inscrutable seriousness. It was a remarkable and fun journey.

Chamba had the most remarkable interface of inscrutable and critical “impersonalness,” together with a deeply soulful and insatiable passion for the deepest “personalness.” I loved and respected Chamba, and .I miss him. I am deeply grateful to have counted him as one of my closest friends.

Chamba's most important life's purpose was the experience of having contributed to and then being deeply nourished by a large and loving community. In my opinion, his life's purpose was richly fulfilled.

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