Other Towns In or Near Nevada County

  Rare stereoview by Thomas Houseworth of the mining camp, French Corral, c. 1870.
  Another rarity, stereoview of North San Juan from the East by Thomas Houseworth, c. 1866.

  Albumen print (8 x 10) on period board depicting the North Yuba County town of Brownsville, c. 1874 by M. M. Hazeltine. The man in the suit sitting on the hillside is thought to be John Muir who visited Brownsville in 1874 to visit his girlfriend, Emily Pelton. His wild ride in a fir tree during a storm was described in Son of the Wilderness, by Linnie M. Wolfe.


  The image of Main Street, Camptonville, depicted here is from a real photo postcard dated 1907 which is a copy print of an image made much earlier in 1875, most likely an albumen print in some format, perhaps a carte-de-visite or a larger format print. The photogrpaher is identified as Rhea. My Biographies of Western Photographers lists W. J. Rhea in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo in the 1880s. Perhaps he visited the northern mines before settling in the south.



  This image is from a relativly large (8 x 10) albumen print on period board dating in the 1870s, and possibly the 1860s. Shown here is a large group of men in fraternal garb with a band and flag carrier at the left of the image. The place has been identifed as Downieville. On the reverse is a rubber stamp imprint for Nugget Antiques on 318 Broad Street, Nevada City.


  This image is another large (8 x 10) format albumen print on period board dating most likely from the 1870s, but possibly somewhat earlier. The building is located in Forest City, and it can still be seen to this day in the high forested country of Sierra County.
  Overview of Downieville with extensive mounds of mine tailings in the right foreground, 8 x 10 silver print, c. 1910, photographer unknown.


  This image is from a real photo postcard dating around 1905 and bears the imprint of Harold Biggs, Grass Valley.